Importance of Booster Coils

Coil cords are great way to attach two items. All the products of Specialty Coils are fully tested as per customer requirements or specifications. Our products are approved and used by many transformer and equipment manufacturers across world.

Coil products provided by us Encapsulated And Over Molded Coils Tape Wrapped Coils Custom Product Assemblies Paper Section Coils Self- Supported Coils Toroid Coils Specialized Products

Our every product has been used in every industry imaginable. Our configurations can run to anything that you have planned. Our encapsulated systems cover UL requirements for compatibility of materials in classes B through H and utilize a variety of materials. We specialize in encapsulated coils that meet the highest industry standards. Each custom made coil is assured of exacting standards, unsurpassed quality and tested reliability. Our tape wrapped coils are used in applications that have relatively mild environments where solvents and chemicals are much less likely to affect the product in the application. Tape wrapped coils specifications are: Polyester film lapped as per customers specification Polyester + mica tape lapped as per customers specification Nomex paper covered as per is 11174 1984 for class 200 applications. Underwriters Laboratory Recognized Open Electrical Insulation Systems UL Standard 1446 Class B (130° C) Systems, 600 V Maximum Class F (155° C) Systems, 600 V Maximum Class H (180° C) Systems, 600 V Maximum

Quality Coils has spent many years in helping our customer incorporate labor intensive assemblies into the custom coil design. Custom coil assemblies required for your products can be produced by QCI. Let QCI help take the labor out of the cost of your assemblies by buying them complete from QCI. Quality Coils has the ability to meet assembly’s needs. If your requirements are for specialized component assemblies or connectors, let QCI be the one to do the custom coil assembly for you. Specialty Coils specializes in commercial replacement coils of all types. Sign up for special savings and super fast service.

Types of Coils Evaporator Coils Steam Coils Refrigerator Coils Condenser Coils Chilled Water Coils Booster Coil


Our company main motive is to provide best quality with quantity in reasonable price. We manufacture all shapes and sizes in coil products. Our companies have 150 years combined experienced in coil production business. Specialty Coils can deliver what you need. OEM  (original equipment manufacturers) Commercial Replacement Industrial Heat Exchangers Quality Products Value Pricing

Use Family Style Cookbooks To Raise Funds For Your School

Schools are always in need of a good fundraising idea or fundraising project. They are becoming even more important with today’s economy. Budgets are tight and schools are among the departments that feel the financial squeeze. Usually the first things that a school district cuts are the “frills” like academic events, athletic teams, and music departments. They don’t necessarily eliminate them, but when a trip for a competition is asked for, the answer is sometimes, “No. We simply don’t have the money.”

Raising Money For Your School.

The booster club often sells T-shirts emblazoned with the school mascot, or they might conduct a chili or pancake feed. Bake sales are popular, and so are car washes in the parking lot of a local business. Other options include selling candy, popcorn or magazine subscriptions door-to-door. All of those fundraisers have some merit, and may even be ideal for your school’s particular need, but there is one fundraising idea that is always a good idea.

Family Style Cookbooks.

Personalized, custom cookbooks have been raising money for organizations for decades…generations, actually. One cookbook publisher has been in business since 1947, so it is obvious that the industry is solid.

The books are filled with the best recipes from the finest cooks in your school. This includes the teachers, the administration, staff and parents of students, too. Imagine owning a professional looking cookbook that allows you to make some of those dishes that everyone in the community has heard about. Aunt Mildred’s coffee cake, or Mrs. Aldrich’s chicken casserole, to name a few.

Will It Work For Our School?

I’d say, “yes.” Personalized recipe books are popular for more than their recipes. By designing it to reflect your school, it shows school spirit. Put the mascot on the cover, or a photo of the school building. How about a photograph that shows all the teachers for that year? Parents and students will want one for that idea alone.

People will also buy them simply because it is for the school. As generous as people are, they still are on the lookout for a good deal. When they see that they will be receiving a fine cookbook for their donation, they will be more anxious to fork over their hard earned cash.

How Do We Do It?

Simple. Find a reputable, on-line cookbook publisher. Google is your friend, so do a search and see what pops up. Make sure that the publisher you look for has been in business for a long time. You can be sure that you will be dealing with a stable company that way. Also, the company should allow you to make the design decisions. Don’t let them con you into using one of a handful of templates. Your school is unique, and your cookbook shouldn’t look like that of another school’s book, but with a different name on it. Other design options must include the organization of the book, the paper stock, the style of graphics or pictures, the dividers, and whether you wish to include dedication pages or to sell advertising. If your publisher doesn’t have those choices, then perhaps you should move on to one that does.

On the other hand, you may not want to make every single decision like that. If that is the case, the publisher can help you by making suggestions. Therefore it is important that you are able contact them either by phone and/or e-mail.

Gathering Recipes.

That is another simple procedure, especially for a school. Send a note home with each student and explain what the project is all about. Ask for one or two recipes. Think of the response you will get from the number of students in your school! You will probably end up with enough for several personalized cookbooks. Have the teachers and staff contribute recipes, too. You could even opt to have a special section for recipes from the younger students. That part might not contain the best recipes, but the “cute factor” would be a great selling point.

A few publishers have a relatively new feature that allows you to submit the chosen recipes on-line. That makes the process much simpler. You fill out an on-line form and press a button. Boom! It’s done. That would be another thing to look for in a good publisher.

Marketing The Cookbook.

Schools have a unique advantage over most organizations. If you have 500 students in your school, you have at least 500 potential customers. Add to that the staff, teachers and administration and you have a huge customer base. You can also sell them at school activities, at street fairs, in local businesses that will provide a little counter space for a stack, and to your neighbors and friends. Historically, schools have no trouble selling the cookbooks.

The key to a successful cookbook fundraiser is to work with the best publisher. Do your research and find the one that fits your needs. There are a handful of publishers that offer a guarantee, too. Think about it. A guarantee doesn’t cost anything, so why would you work with a company that refuses to guarantee your fundraiser?

Get started today. Time is wasting.


Andy Barber is a retired police/fire/EMS dispatcher. After a quarter of a century of “stomping the pedal,” as he likes to call it, he took an early retirement and became a freelance writer. Currently he is working for Cookbook Publishers, a company that has been helping people and organizations raise money since 1947. When Andy isn’t writing, he spends time on his eastern Kansas farm with his wife and the 2 younger of their 3 sons. Andy also has a love for Harley Davidson motorcycles. He regularly criss-crosses the USA on his bike to meet with friends and see this beautiful country. Cookbook Publishers has been helping people with fundraisers for years, so check them out and see what they can do for you.

For Those Who Have Not Got Word Of The Affiliate Earnings Booster I Will Be Discussing It Here

On the subject of making money online every single online marketer will tell you that getting traffic is probably one of the hardest things to do. Should you haven’t guessed already converting this traffic into actual product sales will in fact be the most difficult thing. At this point you can now get your hands on a product that can help you boost your conversions so you can start making additional money. The particular program is “The Affiliate Earnings Booster” and we’ll be going for a deeper look at it here.

I am sure you have seen every one of the products online that provide affiliate review sites. The big problem with all these review sites is the fact that all they really do is let you know everything about the product that you can find on the home page of the actual product. So what this system will do for you is give you affiliate review videos of the best selling programs. Who would you rather buy from, somebody who says, “buy this program because it’s good” or someone showing you that they invested in the product and telling you to you why it works?

This is really one of the better ideas that anybody has come up with. The advantage that these people will even provide you with the transcript of the videos makes it easy for you to do a voice over on the video, this will also help people trust you because it’s actually your voice. I am sure you can see the effectiveness of having your voice on these videos. These folks didn’t skimp on the video production either, these are top quality videos that actually give your potential customers a genuine look at the product.

Should you visit the website you will also see that these video reviews are not restricted to just one niche. You are going to of course find programs in the Internet marketing niche, and you will also find products that are not in the Internet marketing niche. You can decide if you want to choose the non Internet marketing videos, the Internet marketing videos or you may even invest in all the videos. This particular package comes with 4 additional bonuses but my favorite bonus is the SEO and traffic generation course that comes as one of the bonuses. This shows you how to start obtaining the traffic to your videos and you can even use all these techniques for your websites.

There is something that I didn’t care for, which was the voice quality within the videos themselves. Although the voices are real men and women they sound very mechanical as though they are reading from a script. If you want to have the best results with these videos you will have to record your own voice overs. They actually make it easy to do the voice overs simply because they give you the exact transcript from the video and you may even add your own flare to them.

It is in reality nice to find something totally new and interesting that can help web marketers. With most programs on the Internet it is just the same kind of thing over and over again. But this system takes a completely new look and procedure for Internet marketing. You can choose to acquire all the videos for $47 or you can pick only certain niches which is naturally less money. Another thing about this program tends to be that they guarantee your success. Therefore if for whatever reason you do not end up creating additional money, you receive a refund.

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